Festivals and Press

Sheffield doc fest 2010

Chicago international movies & music festival  2011

Jameson cinefest- miscolk  international film festival 2011 Hungary 

Medfilm festival 2011, Rome,Italy 

Nxne film festival, Toronto,Canada 2012

Flimmer norrkoping film festival , Sweden 2012

Minsk international film festival 2012, Belarus.

KMS, 50 mins documentary by Moran Ifergan, 2010.


A trio of Ethiopian Jews living in an Israeli ghetto use rap music to create a common identity and address the poverty and discrimination they face every day from white Israelis. Ifergan's probing, personal film catches amazing verité footage, both of galling instances of outright discrimination against the protagonists and of KMS's prickly resistance to well-meaning but subtly racist attempts by mainstream Israelis to build cultural bridges.


Director - Moran Ifergan

Cinematography - Orian Barki